About Me

My name is Mike, and I decided to add yet another travel blog to the internet. There really aren’t enough of those.

The day job occupies 5/7ths of my life, so the occasional weekend trip is a welcomed getaway, with a longer one thrown in from time to time. I often times travel alone so most of my trips are just me and my car, or me and a seat on a train, or once in a while even a plane seat. I take a lot of pictures but I’m far from a photographer. At best I’m just a “picture-taker”. So far it’s been tough to narrow down the pictures I use on these posts, but I’m working on that.

I’m also trying to work on being less wordy. I tend to get lost in the details, and my posts get out of hand in a hurry. We’ll see how much progress I can make with that.

As for this blog, my intent is mainly just to talk about what I did and where I went. That’s it. I hope to update while I’m on some trips, which will hopefully cut down on the wordiness on some of those posts since I’ll probably be updating from my phone much of the time. I’ll also look back on some of my previous trips and include some of those, which should hopefully have some brevity to them for the simple reason that I’ll have forgotten some of the details!

So that’s it. That’s sort of my mission statement I suppose. I hope the travels are interesting!

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