About Me

I’m Mike and, when I get the chance, I like to hit the road. Like most people I spend 5/7ths of my life working a regular job. Sometimes my weekends allow me to take a trip, while other times I use my vacation time to do some sightseeing.

Often times I find myself traveling alone, and I realized my pictures and Facebook albums weren’t quite cutting it, so I decided to make videos. My first was more of a travelogue video, documenting the journey as I went, but since then I’ve taken a more informative approach. My videos don’t necessarily reflect the sequence of my trip, but instead try to highlight some of the interesting places I go.

At least, that’s the idea.

Some of the places I visit are massively popular, others a little off the beaten path, but at the end of it all I hope you find the videos interesting, and maybe even learn a little from them. My goal is to visit some places that folks have either wanted to, or didn’t even know were there, and offer a glimpse that might just spur them into action to go visit.

When it’s all said and done, if you learned a little something, or better yet were inspired to visit a place or two from the videos, I’ll have accomplished something.



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